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General Track Sessions

Papers on topics of general relevance to the conference defined in the Conference Scope should be submitted to the conference (via the PROSE online submission and review system) for inclusion in the General Sessions or Tracks.

When submitting a paper, the submitting author must select the Track from a list to be supplied which best relates to the contents of the paper, and submit the paper to that track. Each Track has a Track Chair, who has responsibility for papers in a specific technical area. The Track Chairs are responsible for overseeing the review process for papers within their specialism.

Generic Topics

Track Title
Track Chair
Generic Topics
G01 Sustainable Products and Processes
Eco-design and eco-innovation, closed-loop design, design for environment/sustainability, environmentally conscious manufacturing processes and products, energy, resource management and efficiency, sustainable manufacturing processes, re-manufacturing, recycling and design for assembly/disassembly.
David Bould
Swansea University, UK
G02 Sustainable Manufacturing Systems and Enterprises
Product life cycle management, end-of-life strategies, energy management and efficiency improvement of manufacturing systems, predictive maintenance and service for sustainable manufacturing, green supply chains, green logistics, sustainable business models, sustainable factory, societal impact of manufacturing systems, policy aspects of sustainable manufacturing.
Daniel Eyers
Cardiff University, UK
G03 Decision Support Tools for Sustainability
Life cycle assessment of manufacturing processes and products, intelligent decision support for sustainable manufacturing, virtual and collaborative environments for sustainability, user/consumer behavioural models, information management/product life cycle management, prognostics, intelligent decision support for sustainable manufacturing including expert systems, knowledge-based systems, knowledge discovery and data mining, knowledge representation and management, pervasive sensing, context-aware systems, mobile computing and systems, machine learning, virtual reality, intelligent information management.
Ying Liu
Cardiff University, UK

** PLEASE NOTE: We may re-allocate papers submitted to a General track to a more appropriate track or Special Session if we feel it necessary.

Conference on
Sustainable Design
and Manufacturing
Cardiff, Wales, UK
28-30 April 2014