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Conference Registration

How to register

To register for the conference please go to the registration sub-site to be found
.. here ..

If you register for the workshops to be held on 28 April, it is only possible to visit Renishaw OR Tata Steel OR attend the Horizon 2020 session, not more than one.

Registration Queries

In case of any registration queries you may email

Registration Fees and Charges

Fees and charges are described here.

Full Registration

Full registration is an inclusive rate comprising:-

Student Registration

Student Registration is available to those providing a letter on headed note-paper from their University signed by their Head of Department/School confirming that they are a student on a programme of research.

Please register for the conference and after this send a scanned copy of this letter to

Student registration places are limited in number. After these place are taken students must register at the Full rate.

Student registration comprises:-

Student registration does not include a ticket for the conference dinner. This can be purchased at extra cost if required.

Registration Fees

General Track and Invited Sessions
By 14 March 2014After 14 March 2014
Full Registration
(KES Bronze / Non Member)
375 GBP / 450 EUR450 GBP / 530 EUR
Full Registration
(KES Silver Member)
325 GBP / 385 EUR450 GBP / 530 EUR
Student Registration
(KES Bronze / Non Member)
275 GBP / 335 EUR450 GBP / 530 EUR
Student Registration
(KES Silver Member)
250 GBP / 295 EUR450 GBP / 530 EUR
Note that registration charges are specified in GBP / Pounds Sterling, and an approximate equivalent in Euros is provided for convenience.

How do you know if you are a KES member?
If you attended a KES event in the past year and presented a paper you are a KES Silver Member.

You can find out more about KES membership .. here ..

Accompanying Person Registration

An "Accompanying Person" is someone who accompanies a full delegate but takes no part in the conference. An example is the wife or husband of an author. The following conditions apply:-

Accompanying Person Charge (No Banquet Ticket): 90 GBP / 110 EUR

Extra Charges

There will be additional charges for the following items:-

Invited Sessions Chairs Registration

Where an invited session attracts 5 or more paid registrations (excluding the IS chair themself), if all 5 authors plus the IS chair attend the conference and present at the session, the IS chair may claim free registration at the next conference during the subsequent year. For example, a chair who gets 5 paid registrations at the SDM-14 conference can claim free registration at the SDM-15 conference.

The registrations must be full or student registrations, not additional papers or free registrations awarded for other reasons.

Terms and Conditions

By registering for the symposium you indicate that you agree to these Terms and Conditions

Conference on
Sustainable Design
and Manufacturing
Cardiff, Wales, UK
28-30 April 2014