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SDM-14 Conference Proceedings

Volume Title

The SDM-14 conference proceedings are published as

KES Transactions on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing
Vol 1, No 1
Special Edition - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2014
R.Setchi, R.J.Howlett, M.Naim and H.Seinz (Eds)
Future Technology Press, England, UK

Contents Pages

The proceedings contents pages are available as a PDF file
.. here ..

Print Version

The print version is published in two parts
Part 1 p1 - p553
Part 2 p554 - p1129
ISBN 978-0-9561516-4-3 (Two part set)
ISBN 978-0-9561516-5-0 (Part one of two part set)
ISBN 978-0-9561516-6-7 (Part two of two part set)

Electronic Version

The Electronic Version is published on one USB flash drive
ISBN 978-0-9561516-9-8


The title and ISBN will take some time to be processed by the ISBN agency and appear in book distribution channels.

Conference on
Sustainable Design
and Manufacturing
Cardiff, Wales, UK
28-30 April 2014